Auger Worm Queen

Infected Alpha


Infected Lycan

Stage 2 Drone

Stage 1 Drone

Auger Worms and Egg sacks

The Occult Series: Auger Worms

In the Occult Series universe, Auger Worms are a type of parasite that infect humans and Lycans. Burrowing in to the skin, a worm will parasitize a human host and gradually take over their body. If needed it will then trigger the host to transform in to a Lycan. Once the transformation is complete the host will become home to thousands of Auger Worms leeching off of their life force.

When the colony becomes large enough a Queen is chosen from among the worms to lead the new colony. It’s job is to lay eggs creating new generations of worms while it is guarded by Infected Lycans and nourished off of human hosts.

This mini series was exploration in to what Lycan parasites would look like and their behavior. References included Mango Worms, mange, ticks, and rabies.