Oni - Yokozuna

Hakutaku - Shogun

Komainu - Yojimbo

Kumicho - Orochi

Jorogumo - Ninja

Kappa - Rikishi


Shikigami is an exploration in the creatures and legends of Japanese Yokai mythology. Similar to The Occult Series, the series consists of two factions of seven characters. Each one is paired with a Yokai that gives them powers and abilities while also contributing their own to fulfill their role in their squad. While The Occult Series had four factions, Shikigami has two: Sanctioned and Rogue Onmyouji.

An Onmyouji is an individual who can commune and partner with a Yokai, summoning them when their presence is required. Sanctioned Onmyouji work as security to the shrine they are assigned to, protecting worshippers, performing religious ceremonies, and working as a medium between the Yokai and humans. Rogue Onmyouji use the Yokai for their own measures working as thieves terrorists, stealing sacred relics, unleashing captured Yokai, and terrorizing the public at large.

Shikigami explores Japanese mythology and cultural tropes to try and create something new and fresh. It was a very fun project to work on and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

If you would like to learn more about this series the Shikigami digital artbook is available for sale on my gumroad which has complete descriptions and background lore of each character class:


Personal Project