Agents of Sin: Envy

Agents of Sin: Gluttony

Agents of Sin: Sloth

Agents of Virtue: Diligence

Agents of Virtue: Temperance

Agents of Virtue: Patience

Lycans: Arcane

Lycans: Goliath

Lycans: Seeker

Vampires: Hemophage

Vampires: Count

Vampires: Reaper

The Occult Series

The Occult Series is a combination of four projects: The Agents of Sin, The Agents of Virtue, Lycans, and Vampires. Each faction contains seven military spec-ops soldiers who fills a specific role in their squad and are paired with a supernatural being to augment their combat abilities. The Sins partner with Demons, Virtues with Angels, Vampires with Stalkers, and the Lycans with another Lycan.

Each faction is an exploration in to different occult horror tropes that examine the different characteristics of each faction identifying strengths, weaknesses, or themes of each. Using these items each character is designed to fill their role using their unique traits and abilities.

If you would like to learn more about this series the digital artbook is available on my gumroad which contains full descriptions of each character and has an extra section discussing my design process and thinking.