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Robert Chew


Concept Artist/Illustrator - Content Creator


Frisco, TX


Concept Artist, Illustrator, and Creator



Thanks for stopping by my portfolio page. My name is Robert Chew. I'm currently employed at Gearbox Software in Frisco, Texas as a concept artist.

My focus is in concept art/character design. I draw influences from science, nature, current technology, occult/mythological themes, fashion, ethnic cultures, and game mechanics to name a few sources. In my work I attempt to emphasize function and believability while still stretching the limits of what can be thought of as real. It is my belief that the more a design can be related to while still being fantastic in idea, the more the viewer/audience can buy in to it and enjoy it as a whole.

Personal projects mean the world to me and can be viewed in the tabs in my portfolio. Big Five is an exploration in to the world of anti-poaching in Africa using autonomous drones built to mimic the animals they protect. Ragnarok is an exploration in to a dark future where the Norse apocalypse is real and the gods descend to Earth for the final battle arming the remnants of humanity with highly advanced technology for one final stand. The Occult Series includes: Agents of Sin, Agents of Virtue, Lycans, and Vampires. The Auger Files explore a type of parasite that infects humans and Lycans. Shikigami is an exploration in to military sci-fi mixed with Japanese Yokai mythology.

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to learn more about my projects please visit my gumroad where you can purchase one of my digital artbooks.


Concept Artist

Gearbox Software

Frisco, TX · March 2015

Concept artist on:
Battleborn + DLC
Borderlands 3 + DLC


BFA Traditional Illustration

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA · 2007 – 2012

5 long glorious years of art school